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KIS: Kunsistunt Inglish Speling
An alternative approach to reading and spelling English, for learners everywhere
A free smieliet websiet, for fun, for lurnurz KIS: An oalturnutiv aproeq for lurnurz, widh roolz dhat are kunsistunt and eezee too lurn.
Intrudukshin in KIS
KIS: An alternative approach for learners, with rules that are consistent and easy to learn.
Introduction in conventional spelling
ˌɪntrəˈdʌkʃən ɪn aɪ-pi-eɪ (IPA)
KIS iz a not-for-profit projekt.
Dhu roolz ov KIS
Dhis iz KIS v1.0. It wil develup foloewing diskushun.
Dhu KIS alfubet
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