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Dhu KIS alfubet
Introduction in conventional spelling
Intrudukshin in KIS
Dhu roolz ov KIS
ˌɪntrəˈdʌkʃən ɪn aɪ-pi-eɪ (IPA)
KIS: Kunsistunt Inglish Speling
An alternative approach to reading and spelling English, for learners everywhere
A free smieliet websiet, for fun, for lurnurz dhu KIS alfubet Prununseeyaeshunz ar az in dhu konvenshunul Inglish alfubet unles udhurwiez staetid (az in dhu kaesiz ov G and Q). A, a ae B, b bee D, d dee E, e ee F, f ef G, g gee (prunownsd az in gurl [girl]) H, h aetq I, i ie J, j jae K,k kae L, l el M, m em N, n en O, o oe P, p pee Q, q chee (az in qeez [cheese)] and qurq [church]) R, r ar S, s es T, t tee U, u ue V, v vee W, w dubul-ue Y, y wie Z, z zee or zed Noet dhat dhu vowlz ar prunownsd: ae, ee, ie, oe, ue